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Areas of research activities

  1. Research into soil physical, chemical, biological characteristics and plant nutrition processes and ascertainment of their regularities
  2. Research into agricultural and forest plants’ genetics, biotechnology, physiology and biochemistry, plant breeding, seed production, conservation and development of plant genetic resources
  3. Research into agricultural and forestry plants’ biology regularities, modelling of agrobiological systems determining quality and productivity
  4. Research into agricultural and forestry crops’ microbiological, pathological, pathogenetic control, toxicology tests of plant raw materials and products
  5. Modelling and optimization of agricultural and forest plant products’ processing processes and storage methods, safety and control of plant food products, research on horticultural plants’ biologically active substances in natural and processed produce
  6. Research into sustainability of agro and forest ecosystems under changing climate conditions
  7. Research into agricultural, horticultural and silvicultural systems, investigation of social and economic problems intended for agricultural and forestry policy shaping