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Projects of researcher teams

  1. “Biogeography and spread of local and invasive tree pathogens: focus on climate, tree species and intensity of forest management”. Project leader Dr. Audrius Menkis. 2017–2020.
  2. “Improvement of apple fruit quality by application of innovative horticultural technologies”. Project leader Dr. Darius Kviklys. 2017–2020.
  3. “Dynamic light spectrum and intensity modelling and photoresponse in different vegetable morphogenesis stages”. Project leader Dr. Giedrė Samuolienė. 2017–2020.
  4. “GrowGene - Genome-wide functional analysis of perennial ryegrass for improved growth under water limiting conditions”. Project leader Dr. Kristina Jaškūnė. 2017–2020.
  5. “Involvement of oxidative stress in molecular mechanism of seed response to cold plasma treatment”. Project leader Dr. Danas Baniulis. 2017–2019.
  6. “Control of nitrate reduction in green vegetables: metabolic effects of light and other environmental factors”. Project leader Dr. Akvilė Viršilė. 2015–2018.
  7. “Development of molecular markers for genomic selection of adaptation in perennial ryegrass”. Project leader Dr. Gintaras Brazauskas. 2015–2018.
  8. “Role of lipids in low-temperature adaptation of apple”. Project leader Dr. Perttu Haimi. 2015–2018.
  9. “Supercritical fluid extraction of lycopene and the application of its extracts in development of innovative products”. Project leader Prof. Dr. Pranas Viškelis. 2015–2018.
  10. Artemisia dubia biomass chemical composition and thermochemical conversion studies (ARTBIO)”. Partners: LAMMC ir ASU. Project leader Dr. Žydrė Kadžiulienė. 2014–2016.
  11. “Physiological background of the crop load and rootstock effect on alternate bearing of apple tree”. Project leader Dr. Giedrė Samuolienė. 2014–2016.