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  1. “Identification of protein diversity in honeydew honey”. Project leader Dr. Violeta Čeksterytė. 2020. 
  2. “The study of prevention diseases, pests, and weeds according to sustainable plant protection measures”. Project leader Dr. Alma Valiuškaitė. 2016.
  3. “Scientific investigation of cereals, leguminosae and bluegrasses, fruits, vegetables, berries, perennial grasses varieties for growing suitability under ecological conditions in Lithuania”. Project leader Dr. Rasa Karklelienė. 2016.
  4. “Technological-technical validation of fibre plants preparation and use for biofuel and energy-environmental assessment of the technologies”. Project leader Dr. Algirdas Jasinskas (ASU). 2015–2016.
  5. “Research into the effects of pelletized manure on plants and soil”. Project leader prof. habil. Dr. Gediminas Staugaitis. 2015–2016.
  6. “Research on meristemic seed production of Lithuania-bred potato varieties”. Project leader Dr. Almantas Ražukas. 2015–2016.
  7. “Glyphosate pre-harvest management for the grain defoliation purposes and its residues concentration in the grain and their influence on product safety”. Project leader Dr. Gražina Kadžienė. 2015–2016.
  8. “The effects of environmental, biological and chemical factors on Lithuania-grown maize grain yield and quality”. Project leader Dr. Audronė Mankevičienė. 2015–2016.
  9. “Determination of resistance to pyrethroid group insecticides of the populations of cabbage stem flea beetles (Psylliodes chrysocephala, Phyllotreta nemorum ir P. undulata) in Lithuania. Project leader Dr. Eglė Petraitienė. 2015–2016.
  10. “Investigation of the effect of fibre hemp grown as a monocrop on soil quality indicators and weed infestation”. Project leader Dr. Elvyra Gruzdevienė. 2015–2016.
  11. “Evaluation of new strawberry cultivars and their technological assessment”. Project leader Dr. Nobertas Uselis. 2015–2016.
  12. “Research on disease susceptibility and value of the most common wheat and oilseed rape varieties on different disease control backgrounds”. Project leader Dr. Roma Semaškienė. 2014–2016.