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Urtė Stulpinaitė

ORCiD iD: 0000-0002-5678-9173
Tel. +370 636 20 394
E-mail: urte.stulpinaite@lammc.lt
Instituto Ave. 1, Akademija, Kėdainiai dist., Lithuania


2020 PhD studies, Lithuanian Research Centre of Agriculture and Forestry.

2020–2021 Agricultural Production Business Employee, Daugai Technology and Business School.

2018–2020 Master’s degree in Energy Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Vytautas Magnus University.

2016–2018 Assistant of the Social Worker, Daugai Technology and Business School.

2014–2018 Bachelor’s degree in Biomass Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Aleksandras Stuginskis University.

Research fields

  • Determining the energy characteristics of biofuel
  • Agronomy

Professional experience

2017–2020 Laboratory Assistant, Agrobiology Laboratory, Institute of Agriculture, LAMMC.

Since 2019 PhD studies administrator, LAMMC.

In-service training

  • June 13–17, 2022 LAMMC PhD students and junior research summer school.
  • July 19–23, 2021 VDU PhD student club IV Pd students summer school.
  • 2019 Erasmus studies at “Politechnic instituto de Setubal”.
  • 2015–2016 Erasmus studies at “Politechnic instituto de Setubal”.

Involvement in programmes and projects

  • 2022–2023 “Soil Ecosystem seRvices and soil threats modElling aNd mApping” (SERENA), junior researcher.
  • 2021–2023 “Management of target metabolites of industrial hemp for the development of COVID-19 symptom relief products” (TerpenCoTech), junior researcher.
  • 2020 “Enhancement of the multifunctional properties of legumes in feed and food value chains” (SmartLegume), coordinator.
  • 2019–2020 LMT “Students' scientific research during free time after studies”.
  • 2018–2019 LMT “Students' scientific research during free time after studies”.


  • 2022 Support of the Lithuanian Science Council for study results.
  • 2020 High school students most scientific works for Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.


Articles in journals indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science database

  1. Stulpinaite U., Tilvikiene V., Zvicevicius E. 2023. Co-pelletization of hemp residues and agricultural biomass: effect on pellet quality and stability. Energies, 16 (16): 5900. IF – 3,2

  2. Ayaz M., Stulpinaite U., Feiziene D., Tilvikiene V., Akthar K., Baltrėnaite-Gediene E., Striugas N., Rehmani U., Alam S., Iqbal R., Toleikiene M., Doyeni M. 2022. Pig manure digestate-derived biochar for soil management and crop cultivation in heavy metals contaminated soil. Soil Use and Management, 38 (2): 1307–1321. IF – 3,8
  3. Doyeni M. O., Stulpinaite U., Baksinskaite A., Suproniene S., Tilvikiene V. 2021. The effectiveness of digestate use for fertilization in agricultural cropping system. Plants, 10 (8): 1734. IF – 4,658
  4. Ayaz M., Feizienė D., Tilvikienė V., Akhtar K., Stulpinaitė U., Iqbal R. 2021. Biochar role in the sustainability of agriculture and environment. Sustainability, 13 (3): 1330. IF – 3,889
  5. Doyeni M. O., Stulpinaite U., Baksinskaite A., Suproniene S., Tilvikiene V. 2021. Greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural cultivated soils using animal waste-based digestates for crop fertilization. Journal of Agricultural Science, 159 (1–2): 26–30. IF – 2,603

Other publications

  1. Stulpinaitė U., Tilvikienė V., Žalpytė G. 2021. The use of hemp biomass for soil quality improvement. CYSENI abstract book.
  2. Stulpinaitė U., Tilvikienė V. 2020. Žaliavos įtaka biomasės granulių kokybei. Jaunasis mokslininkas 2020: studentų mokslinės konferencijos pranešimų rinkinys 108–112.

Popular press articles

  1. Tilvikienė V., Doyeni M. O., Bakšinskaitė A., Stulpinaitė U. Ar pagrįsta organinių trąšų baimė dėl dujų emisijų? Mano ūkis, 8: 34–35.