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Dr. Audrius Sasnauskas

ORCiD iD: 0000-0001-6791-4243
Mob. +370 687 98 348 
E-mail: audrius.sasnauskas@lammc.lt
Kauno St. 30, Babtai, LT-54333 Kaunas dist., Lithuania


1983–1989 Scientific agronomist degree, Lithuanian University of Ahgriculture (since 2019 Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy).

Academic degrees and pedagogical titles

Doctor, Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences, Agronomy. Topic of doctoral dissertation “Combining Ability and Genetic Control of Resistance to Fungal Diseases (Powdery Mildew, Leaf Spot) and Gall Mite Within Black Currants” (1998).    

Research fields

  • Breeding of Horticultural Plants, Genetic and Genetic Resources, Testing of Apple and Blackcurrant Varieties.


Since 2022 Researcher, Department of Genetics and Biotechnology of Orchard Plants, Institute of Horticulture, LAMMC.

Memberships and affiliations with professional organizations

  • Since 2019 Member of the editorial board of the scientific journal of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences “Horticulture” (Caдiвництво).
  • Since 2016 Member of LAS (Union of Lithuanian Agronomist).
  • Since 2013 Member of EUCARPIA (European Association for Research on Plant Breeding).
  • Since 2011 Member of Editorial Board and Reviewers of Scientific Journal  “Fruit Growing Research” (Romania).
  • Since 2011 Member of Editorial Board of Edition “Naujausios rekomendacijos žemės ir miškų ūkiui”.
  • 2011–2014 Member of the editorial board of the journal “Naujausios rekomendacijos žemės ir miškų ūkiui”.
  • 2008–2011 Member of Editorial Board and Editorial Scientific Board of Conference Proceedings “Sodininkystės ir daržininkystės mokslo tyrimai”.
  • 2007–2015 Deputy editor of journal “Agronomy Research”.
  • Since 2007 Associate Editor of Scientific Journal “Agronomy Research”.
  • Since 2005 Council member of ISHS (The International Society for Horticultural Science).
  • Since 2005 Individual member of ISHS section  “Vine and Berry Fruits”, member of WG “Plum and Prune Genetics, Breeding and Technology”.
  • Since 2004 Member of EUFRIN WG’s “Apple and pear variety testing”;  “Plum/Prune”;  “Soft fruit” and  “Stone fruit variety evaluation”.
  • 2004–2010 National Contact Person and Representative of EIARD (The European Initiative for Agricultural Research for Development) for Lithuania.
  • 2004–2020 Member of the Editorial Board and Editorial Scientific Board of Scientific Journal “Sodininkystė ir daržininkystė”, chairmain.
  • Since 2001 Board member of EUFRIN (European Fruit Research Institute Network), 2007–2011 Management Committee member.

Involvement in programmes and projects

  • 2021–2023 Member of the ECPGR Berry Plants Working Group project “Collaborative action for updating the documentation about berries genetic resources in Europe”.

  • 2018–2020 Coordinator of the PPP project “Pre-breeding for the future challenges of Nordic fruit and berries” (NORDFRUIT).

  • 2016–2018 European Commision Horizon 2020 project “EU Fruit Network” (EUFRUIT) coordinator.
  • 2011–2014 National scientific program “Healthy and safe food” project “Interspecific Horticultural Plants – New Source of Anthocyanins”. Lithuanian Research Council.
  • 2011–2015 Project under measure VP1-3.1-ŠMM-07-K “Support to Research Activities of Scientists and Other Researchers (Global Grant Measure)“, Priority 3 „Strengthening of Capacities of Researchers and other Scientists“ of the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development for 2007–2013 “Identification of Genes Involved in Regulation of Pathogen Induced Hypersensitive Response inMalus  Plants“, Lithuanian Research Council.
  • 2010–2011 Project “Pome Fruit Genetic Resources in vitro Storage and Genetic Stability”. Lithuanian Research Council.
  • 2009–2011 COST 864 Action “Combining Traditional and Advanced Strategies for Plant Protection in Pome Fruit Growing”. Member of Management Committee.
  • 2007–2011 EU project “Core Collection of Northern European Gene Pool of Ribes” (RIBESCO). Leader of Working Group 4“Core Collection Definition”.
  • 2007–2011 EU project “European Small Berries Genetic Resources” (GENBERRY). Leader of Working Group 1“Acquisition of The Collection Composition Toward a Rationalization and Conservation of ex Situ Collections and Towards Selection of a European Core Collection”.
  • 2005–2010 COST 863 Action “Euroberry Research: from Genomics to Sustainable Production, Quality & Health”. Member of Management Committee. Leader of Working Group“Small fruit variety testing”.
  • 2001–2003 COST 836 Action “Towards an Organization of the Integrated Research in Berries: Model for a Strawberry of Quality, in Respect with the Environment Rules and Consumers requirements”. Member of Management Committee.

Plant varieties developed

  • Co-author of the developed plant varieties: apple – ‘Bosanova’, ‘Lauda’ (2018), ‘Alemanda’, ‘Poema’ (2017), ‘Rudenis’, ‘Skaistis’ (2013), ornamental apple varieties – ‘Gracia’, ‘Red Elegance’ (2023), ‘Perlas’, ‘Rylio’, ‘Vaja’ (2017), blackcurrant – ‘Aldoniai’, ‘Didikai’ (2019), ‘Gagatai’, ‘Kriviai’, ‘Kupoliniai’ (2001), ‘Salviai’, ‘Gojai’, ‘Svajai’, ‘Senjorai’, ‘Dailiai’ (2009), ‘Karina’ (2012), ‘Domino’, ‘Viktor’, ‘Ritmo’ (2016), raspberries – ‘Vizija’, ‘Mistika’ (2016).

SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS (click the link here)