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Dr. Kristina Laužikė

ORCiD iD: 0000-0002-8821-1245
Tel. +370 610 80 551
E-mail: kristina.lauzike@lammc.lt 
Kauno St. 30, Babtai, LT-54333 Kaunas distr., Lithuania


2017–2021 Doctoral studies, LAMMC.

2014–2016 Master (Master of science in Agronomy), ASU (since 2019 Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy).

2010–2014 Bachelor (Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences), ASU .

Research fields

  • Plant physiology
  • Photophysiology

Professional experience

Since 2022 Chief Researcher, Institute of Horticulture, LAMMC.

2020–2021 Junior Researcher, Institute of Horticulture, LAMMC.

Since January, 2013 Garden Technician, ASU Pomological garden.

In-service training

  • 17–19 December, 2019 Training “Scientific text writing formats, characteristics and specifics”, Trakai, Lithuania.
  • 25–29 November, 2019 Statistical training “Statistical data analysis with SAS program and statistical methods in agriculture and experimental biology”, Trakai, Lithuania.

Involvement in programmes and projects

  • 2021–2024 National Research project “Environmental and genotype impacts on plant exosome characteris”.
  • 2020–2023 High level R&D projects (SMART) “Biological plant protection strategies: boosting sustainability-orientated competitiveness in controlled environment horticulture”.
  • 2020-2023 Project under the joint activity agreement “Development of an intelligent system for growing plants indoors” (CPB-20-4).
  • 2019-2020 National Research project “Light as a tool of biofortification: photophysiological aspects of essential trace elements management in leafy vegetables” (BIOFERTILED).
  • 2017–2020 High level R&D projects (SMART) “UV-A lighting strategies for controlled environment horticulture: upgrade to sustainable, high-value production.


Articles in journals indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science database

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Other peer-reviewed publications

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