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Muhammad Ayaz

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-8539-1017
E-mail: muhammad.ayaz@lammc.lt
Instituto al. 1, Akademija, LT-58344 Kėdainiai distr., Lithuania


2019–2023 PhD studies, Department of Agroecology and Plant Nutrition, Institute of Agriculture, LAMMC, dissertation topic “The influence of biochar on Cambisol quality and mitigation of GHG emissions”.

2015–2019 Master Degree in Soil Science, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University China.

2011–2015 Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Soil and Environmental Science, The University of Agriculture Peshawar-Pakistan.

Research fields

  • Soil amendment with biochar and inorganic fertilizer to improve soil environment and crop production
  • Effect of biochar on water use efficiency in spring crop under different irrigation system
  • Soil fertility and plant nutrition

Professional experience

Since 2019 Junior Researcher, Department of Agroecology and Plant Nutrition, Institute of Agriculture, LAMMC.

2014–2015 Internee, Environmental Protection Agency Islamabad, Pakistan.

Memberships and affiliations with professional organizations

  • 2019–2020 President of local committee AUP-Pakistan of international forestry student association, ifsa.net.
  • Since 2014 Member of soil science society of Pakistan since.

Involvement in programmes and projects

  • Since 2022 EJP SOIL programme, HORIZON 2020, project “Soil Ecosystem services and soil threats modelling and mapping” (SERENA), Junior Researcher.


Articles in journals indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science database

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Other peer-reviewed publications

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