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Ramūnas Sirtautas. Light and other environmental effects on nutritional quality of lettuce, supervisor Prof. Dr. habil. Pavelas Duchovskis, scientific supervisors: Dr. Giedrė Samuolienė, Dr. Aušra Brazaitytė.

Rūta Staugaitienė. Effect of different sulphur fertilisation rates on plant productivity and on changes in sulphur content in soil and plants, supervisor Dr. Alvyra Šlepetienė, scientific supervisor Prof. Dr. habil. Zigmas Jonas Vaišvila.

Vaiva Bražinskienė. The effect of organic and conventional farming types on the amount of antioxidant compounds in potato tubers, supervisor Dr. Almantas Ražukas, scientific supervisor Prof. Dr. Liudas Ivanauskas (LSMU).

Rimantas Tamošiūnas. Bioecology, infestation levels and control of fruit damaging common sawflies (Hymenoptera, Symphyta, Tenthredinidae) in apple and plum orchards, supervisor Prof. Dr. Algimantas Feliksas Žiogas, scientific supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Artūras Gedminas.

Birutė Frercks. Genetic variation of brown rot blossom blight pathogens and their hosts sweet and sour cherry, supervisor Prof. Dr. habil. Vidmantas Stanys, scientific supervisor Dr. Danas Baniulis.

Birutė Vaitelytė. Patterns of distribution of insect pests (Ceutorhynchus spp., dasineura brassicae) on stems and pods of winter and spring oil seed rape crops and damage done by these pests, supervisor Dr. Irena Brazauskienė.

Sidona Sikorskaitė-Gudžiūnienė. Genetic characteristics of diversity of apple resistance to apple scab, supervisor Dr. Danas Baniulis, scientific supervisors: Prof. Dr. habil. Vidmantas Stanys, Dr. Dalia Gelvonauskienė.

Agnė Piliponytė-Dzikienė. Populations structure composition and dynamics of the blackleg causal fungi Leptosphaeria maculans and L. biglobosa, supervisor Dr. Gintaras Brazauskas, scientific supervisor Dr. Irena Brazauskienė.

Rita Armonienė. Freezing tolerance in winter wheat: gene identification and analysis, supervisor Dr. Gintaras Brazauskas.


Girmantė Jurkšienė. Pedunculate (Quercus robur L.) and sessile oak (Q. petraea [Matt.] Liebl.) hybridization, regeneration and effects on soil microbiota, supervisor Dr. Virgilijus Baliuckas, scientific supervisor Dr. Kęstutis Armolaitis.


Povilas Žemaitis. Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) H. Karst.) condition and disturbances in the changing climate, supervisor Dr. Vidas Stakėnas.