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Karolina Barčauskaitė.  Amount of polychlorbiphenyls and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Lithuania produced composts and their effect for soil and plants, supervisor Dr. Romas Mažeika.

Renaldas Žydelis. The effects of organic and mineral fertilisers on maize n status under water and cold stress conditions in nemoral climate, supervisor Dr. Sigitas Lazauskas.

Žygimantas Staugaitis. The composition and changes of organic carbon and nitrogen compounds, important soil quality indicators, as influenced by the cultivation of perennial herbaceous energy crops, supervisor Dr. (HP) Alvyra Šlepetienė.

Karina Stumbrienė. Distribution of Fusarium Graminearum fungi, structure of chemotypes, pathogenicity and control in wheat grown in Lithuania, supervisor Dr. Skaidrė Supronienė, scientific consultant Dr. Roma Semaškienė.

Jonas Viškelis. The impact of apple-tree (Malus × domestica Borkh.) management technologies and biological factors on fruit quality in intesive orchards, supervisor Dr. Darius Kviklys.

Donata Tomchuk. Grassland belowground biomass and organic carbon accumulation in different terrain ecosystems, supervisor Dr. Regina Skuodienė, scientific consultant Dr. Jonas Šlepetys.

Eglė Norkevičienė. Agrobiological potential of switchgrass (Panicum virgaltum L.) in the nemoral zone of Europe, supervisor Dr. Bronislava Butkutė, scientific consultant Dr. Nijolė Lemežienė.

Loreta Aleknavičienė. Spring wheat nutrition optimization assessment of soil and plants macro and microelements concentrations, supervisor Prof. Dr. habil. Gediminas Staugaitis, scientific consultant Dr. Zita Brazienė.

Ieva Narutytė. Influence of biodegradable waste composts on variations of chemical elements in soil and plants in four-field crop rotation, supervisor Prof. Dr. habil. Gediminas Staugaitis.

Viktorija Vaštakaitė. The photophysiological aspects for the management of metabolites and mineral elements in Brassicaceae microgreens, supervisor Dr. Akvilė Viršilė.


Sinilga Černulienė. Spreading and ecological peculiarities of the black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) in Lithuanian conditions, supervisor Dr. Vidas Stakėnas.

Aušra Juškauskaitė. Dependence of phenotypic plasticity of forest tree species on genetic polymorphism, supervisor Dr. Virgilijus Baliuckas.