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State Institutions

President of the Republic of Lithuania https://www.lrp.lt/en/
Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania https://www.lrs.lt/sip/portal.show?p_k=2&p_kade_id=9 
Government of the Republic of Lithuania http://lrv.lt/en/
Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania http://enmin.lrv.lt/en/
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania http://finmin.lrv.lt/en/
Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania http://kam.lt/en/title.html
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania http://lrkm.lrv.lt/en/
Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania https://socmin.lrv.lt/en/ 
Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania http://sumin.lrv.lt/en/
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania http://sam.lrv.lt/en/
Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania https://smsm.lrv.lt/en/ 
The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania https://tm.lrv.lt/en/ 
Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania http://eimin.lrv.lt/en/
Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania http://vrm.lrv.lt/en/
The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania http://zum.lrv.lt/en/
Office of Ombudsman for Academic Ethics and Procedures of the Republic of Lithuania http://www.etika.gov.lt/en/

State Research Institutes

Center for Physical Sciences and Technology https://www.ftmc.lt/en/
Nature Research Centre http://www.gamtostyrimai.lt/en/
Centre for Innovative Medicine http://www.imcentras.lt/en/
Institute of Sociology at the Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences https://www.lstc.lt/en/mainpage/ 
Institute of Economics and Rural Development of the Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences https://www.ekvi.lt/en 
Lithuanian Energy Institute https://www.lei.lt/en/ 
Lithuanian Language Institute http://lki.lt/
Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore http://www.llti.lt/en/
Lithuanian Institute of History http://www.istorija.lt/en/
Lithuanian Culture Research Institute https://www.lkti.lt/en/ 
National Cancer Institute https://www.nvi.lt/en/ 

 State universities

Kaunas University of Technology https://en.ktu.edu/ 
Klaipėda University https://www.ku.lt/en/
Lithuanian Sports University http://www.lsu.lt/en
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences http://www.lsmuni.lt/en/
Mykolas Romeris University http://www.mruni.eu/en/
Vilnius Academy of Arts http://www.vda.lt/en/
Vilnius University https://www.vu.lt/en/
Vytautas Magnus University http://www.vdu. lt/en/

Experts Institutions

Lithuanian Academy of Sciences http://www.lma.lt/en/
Lithuanian Research Council https://lmt.lrv.lt/en/ 
Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education http://www.skvc.lt/default/en/


Central Project Management Agency https://www.cpva.lt/en/home.html

European Social Fund Agency

Innovation Agency https://inovacijuagentura.lt/?lang=en 
National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania https://nma.lrv.lt/en/ 
Education Exchanges Support Foundation http://smpf.lt/en 
Agency of Agriculture

 Valley, Science and Business Integration

Valley "Nemunas" http://www.slenis-nemunas.lt/en
Santaka Valley
Sunrise Valley http://sunrisevalley.lt/en/
Knowledge Economy Forum http://www.zef.lt/en/

Other institutions

Lithuanian State Forest Service http://www.amvmt.lt/index.php/en/ 
Lithuanian Agriculture Advisory Service http://www.lzukt.lt/default.aspx?EN=1
State Plant Service under the Ministry of Agriculture http://www.vatzum.lt/en/
Chamber of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania https://www.zur.lt/en/

Associations, unions

The Association of Agricultural and Forestry Research Institutes https://rekvizitai.vz.lt/imone/agrariniu_
Lithuanian Grain Processors' Association http://www.allgrain.lt/en/about-us
Lithuanian Aerospace Association http://space-lt.eu/en/
Association of Lithuanian Serials http://serials.lt/news/
Lithuanian Research Library Consortium http://www.lmba.lt/en

Association of Lithuanian Agricultural Companies

Lithuanian Scientific Society http://lms.lt/en/
Lithuanian Junior Researchers Society http://www.ljms.lt
Lithuanian Agronomists Union https://lt-lt.facebook.com/Lietuvos-agronom%C5%B3-s%C4%85junga-LAS- 358600610912365/
Lithuanian Farmers’ Union http://lus.lt/en/