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2021 is a year of change for LAMMC

2021 is a year of change for LAMMC

In 2021, the Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry (LAMMC), more than ten years after its establishment, is anticipating change. Director of LAMMC, dr. Gintaras Brazauskas, elaborates on it.

What changes are in store for LAMMC in 2021?

The beginnings of change began back in 2020, when new councils were elected: Science Council and Works Council. The new management structure has been operating since January.

The changes are mainly related to the administration of the institution’s activities. Deputy Directors have been appointed: for Science (Dr. Vita Tilvikienė), for Institute of Agriculture Activities (Dr. Antanas Ronis), for Institute of Forestry Activities (Dr. Marius Aleinikovas), and for Institute of Horticulture Activities (Dr. Vidmantas Bendokas).

In addition, new departments and services have been set up: Department of Science and Innovations, Financial Service, Legal and Personnel Service, Information Technology Service, Occupational Safety and Health Service, and Department of Communication. It should also be noted that regional branches have returned under the auspices of Institute of Agriculture: Agrochemical Research Laboratory, Vėžaičiai and Vokė Branches, Rumokai and Joniškėlis Experimental Stations.

These changes are just the beginning, and in 2021 a change of legal status is envisaged - LAMMC will become a public institution.

What are the reasons for the changes?

The new departments and services have been set up to ensure a smooth and centralized management of financial and human resources and safety of staff, as well as to facilitate result-oriented research activities, effective functioning of the systems and timely dissemination of information on the Centre’s activities.

Since the beginning of the year, a unified financial accounting system has been in operation, which will help to carry out effective financial planning and control.

How will the changes benefit LAMMC employees?

The task set for the administrative divisions is to assist researchers in achieving better scientific results and to increase the awareness about LAMMC nationally and internationally. This is expected to be attained through operational coordination and dissemination of information.

What would you wish your colleagues for the year 2021?

Patience, because change often causes excitement or anxiety, but it usually helps employees to discover new opportunities and the institution to optimize its performance.