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LAMMC scientists and PhD students participated in the VII Baltic Genetics Congress

LAMMC scientists and PhD students participated in the VII Baltic Genetics Congress

The VII Baltic Genetics Congress has been taken place in Riga, Latvia, during October 24–27, 2018.

Baltic Genetic Congresses are organised by genetic societies of Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) every three years since 1992.

This congress covers various areas of genetics research (human, animal, plant), including theoretical and applied aspects.

In this congress LAMMC researchers and PhD students have presented their ongoing research:

  • LAMMC Institute of Agriculture, head of Laboratory of Genetics and Physiology Dr. Kristina Jaškūnė have made an oral presentation: „Leaf growth response to environmental restrictions: how to distinguish the performance of various perennial ryegrass genotypes?“.
  • LAMMC Institute of Forestry, head of Laboratory of Forest Plant Biotechnology Associate professor Dr. Sigutė Kuusienė have made an oral presentation: „Variation in DNA polymorphism of hybrid aspen F2 progeny in vitro system“.
  • LAMMC Institute of Agriculture, PhD student of Laboratory of Genetics and Physiology Olakunle Kelvin Akinroluyo have made an oral presentation: „Effect of ploidy level on drought stress response in annual ryegrass“.
  • LAMMC Institute of Agriculture, PhD student of Department of Grass Breeding Giedrius Petrauskas have made an oral presentation: SSR markers for cpDNA on exploring germplasm diversity to understand the gene flow process in red clover“.
  • LAMMC Institute of Horticulture, PhD student of Department of Orchard Plant Genetics and Biotechnology Ana Dovilė Juškytė have made a poster presentation: Genetic diversity of blackcurrant reversion virus“.

The Congress was attended by 75 participants from 8 countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany and Turkey. It was pronounce 10 plenary lectures and 18 oral presentations and introduced 55 posters.

On the first day reports of medical and animal genetic were presented. Hereditary diseases caused by genetic mutations and their search methods using molecular biology were discussed. Also, was presented research data of parasites identification by using genetic methods and animal diseases in the Baltic States caused by those parasites. Knowledge of the causes of these diseases would save a precious time which is needed to make prevention plans or treatment methods.

The second day was intended to plant genetics and breeding reports. Presentations were dedicated not only in the selection of cereals, herbs and ornamental plants but also in the development of intergeneric hybrids. Several reports have been devoted to highlighting the problem of plant adaptation to changing environmental conditions and the search for possible solutions. Presentations on the genetic diversity of plants and their pathogens were also presented, as well as the importance of collecting and preserving genetic resources.

Presentations of LAMMC researchers and PhD student have received a hight positive ratings and interest from colleagues. Was interacted with colleagues from neighboring countries and established new international relations. As well as shared an ideas and advices for further research develop.

The next Baltic Genetics Congress will be held in Lithuania on 2021, so we will be waiting for our colleagues with the latest research results and new ideas.