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Scientists’ focused on soil, water, ecology, crop and food protection in Italy

Scientists’ focused on soil, water, ecology, crop and food protection in Italy

April 1–6, PhD student and junior researcher of Agrobiology Laboratory – Kristina Bunevičienė, PhD student and junior researcher of Department of Grass Breeding – Giedrius Petrauskas and PhD student of Agrochemical Research Laboratory – Andrius Šarka from Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry (LAMMC) attended in the 18th Alps-Adria Scientific Workshop.

Workshop was organised by Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Each year it is being held in different place of Alps-Adria region and this year it took place in Cattolica, Italy. The Workshop invited to discuss on five main topics about safety and ecology of soil, water, crop and food.  

This year, researchers and PhD students from 10 countries: Iran, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ghana, Indonesia, Azerbaijan and Lithuania participated in the Workshop. LAMMC PhD students were the only ones from the Baltic States. 

During the Workshop LAMMC PhD students have made oral presentations in separate sections. Giedrius Petrauskas presentation "Breeding of red clover for ingredient in functional food" was given in Food Safety section, Kristina Bunevičienė presentation "Fertilizer products produced from biofuel ash and its influence on soil" – in Soil section and Andrius Šarka presentation "The influence of intensive and sustainable farming on the modification of mineral nitrogen (Nmin) and soil organic carbon (SOC) in Lithuanian histosols" presentation in Ecological section. At the end of the Workshop three best speakers were awarded and three most interesting topics were announced. One of the awards for the most interesting topic was given to LAMMC PhD student Andrius Šarka.

It is worth to mention that the topics of the Workshop sections were close related to the thesis of all three LAMMC PhD students. Forty three oral presentations and 42 posters were given in the Workshop. Special attention was paid to young researchers and PhD students, whose presentations accounted the majority. This allowed the participants to share ideas and experiences on scientific issues.

Organizers hope that sharing of knowledge with Lithuanian colleagues will increase the interest and number of participants in this event on the near future. Finally, on the last day of the Workshop was time to say goodbye for colleagues. That day LAMMC PhD students have received an invitation to participate in the 19th Alps-Adria Scientific Workshop in 2020.