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Seminar about scientific internships: experience and challenges

Seminar about scientific internships: experience and challenges

12th of September 2019 Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry organized the seminar “Scientific internships – experience and challenges”.

During this seminar chief researcher Dr. Skaidrė Supronienė (LAMMC, Institute of Agriculture), senior researcher Dr. Neringa Rasiukevičiūtė (LAMMC, Institute of Horticulture), researcher Dr. Rita Verbylaitė (LAMMC, Institute of Forestry), junior researcher Dr. Valda Gudynaitė-Franckevičienė (LAMMC, Institute of Forestry) and senior researcher Dr. Diana Marčiulynienė (LAMMC, Institute of Forestry) introduced their experience at scientific internships in different countries.

  • Dr. Skaidrė Supronienė took an internship in Italy – “Internship at the University of Florence – Phenotype MicroArrays technology for the evaluation of agricultural microorganisms”.
  • Dr. Neringa Rasiukevičiūtė took an internship in Spain– “Modern methods for identifying plant pathogens”.
  • Dr. Rita Verbylaitė took an internship in Greece– “Competence improvement in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on the subject of forest genetic monitoring research”.
  • Dr. Valda Gudynaitė-Franckevičienė took an internship in Latvia –“Plantation forestry and its opportunities”.
  • Dr. Diana Marčiulynienė took an internship in Sweden – “Study trip to Sweden for selection and identification of superior ash seed resources”.

Documents templates of the Program of scientific internships of Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry: https://www.lammc.lt/en/program-of-scientific-visits/2860