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Open Access Joint Research Centre of Agriculture and Forestry

An Open Access Joint Research Centre of Agriculture and Forestry was set up in 2012 (Director Prof. Habil. Dr. Zenonas Dabkevičius) with Aleksandras Stulginskis University. The following laboratories of Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry are operating there:

  • Agrobiology (head Dr. Karolina Barčauskaitė)
  • Microbiology (head Dr. Skaidrė Supronienė)
  • Laboratory of Biological Signs (head Prof. Dr. habil. Vidmantas Stanys)
  • Timber Use, Quality and Processing Technologies (head Dr. Marius Aleinikovas)

Scientific experiments are conducted in the open access laboratories, research comissioned by business entities, research work is performed by undergraduate, graduate and PhD students.

Studentų St. 15 a, Akademija, Kaunas distr., Lithuania
Tel. +370 679 20 860
E-mail: gintare.naujokiene@lammc.lt