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National projects

Projects funded by the Lithuanian Research Council

Projects of researcher teams

  1. Tilia cordata Mill. and associated wil insect pollinators: diversity, abundance and genetic monitoring in protected forest areas”. Project leader Dr. Virgilijus Baliuckas. 2023–2026.

  2. “From waste to resources: shrimp waste regeneration to sustainable antimicrobial products applied in agriculture”. Project leader Dr. Karolina Barčauskaitė. 2023–2026.
  3. “The management of mineral nutrition to control the quality and safety of post-harvest leafy vegetables” (NutriSafe). Project leader Dr. Viktorija Vaštakaitė-Kairienė. 2023–2026.

  4. “Development of natural, biodegradable pigments for industrial polymers”. Project leader Dr Jonas Viškelis. 2023–2026.
  5. “Optimisation of legume nitrogen fixation and use in the organic farming ecosystem”. Project leader Dr. Monika Toleikienė. 2022–2025.

  6. “Biodiversification of plant species and explication of corresponding precision agriculture technologies within nutrition-based approach”. Project leader Dr. Giedrė Samuolienė. 2022–2025.
  7. “Cellular redox balance and protein expression based phenotyping of plant-endophyte interactions for development of plant biostimulant consortia”. Project leader Dr. Danas Baniulis. 2022–2025.
  8. “The potentialities of metallic nanoparticles application for leafy greens: biophysiochemical response and risk assessment”. Project leader Prof. Dr. habil. Pavelas Duchovskis. 2021–2024.

  9. “Environmental and genotype impacts on plant exosome characteristics and potential applications for cosmetics and pharmacy”. Project leader Dr. Akvilė Viršilė. 2021–2024.

Completed projects

Research projects

  1. “Sustainable use of solid biofuel ash for the production of fertilizers and additional cementitious materials”. Project leaders: Dr. Rimvydas Kaminskas (KTU), Dr. Karolina Barčauskaitė. 2022–2024.

Implementation of Postdoctoral internships in Lithuania, funded by the European Union funds

  1. “Counteracting decline in biodiversity hotspots: conservation ecology and management of wood-inhabiting fungi in oak habitats”. Research supervisor Dr. Audrius Menkis, post-doc Dr. Adas Marčiulynas. 2021–2023.
  2. “Adaptation potential of Alnus glutinosa in future forests under climate change: genetic monitoring in natural distribution extremes (ALNUSGENMON)”. Research supervisor Prof. Dr. Filippos A. Aravanopoulos, post-doc Dr. Rita Verbylaitė. 2020–2023.

Completed projects

Implementation of Postdoctoral internships in Lithuania, funded from the State budget

  1. “Research and development of a bacterial nanocellulose biocomposite with broad and long-term antimicrobial activity”. Research supervisor Prof. Dr. Pranas Viškelis, post-doc Dr. Aistė Balčiūnaitienė. 2022–2024.

Projects implemented by world-class researcher groups aimed at developing results in line with R&D topics relevant to the economic sectors which could then be commercialised, funded by the European Union funds

  1. “Management of target metabolites of industrial hemp for the development of COVID-19 symptom relief products” (TerpenCoTech). Project leader Dr. Vita Tilvikienė. 2021–2023.
  2. “Biological plant protection strategies: boosting sustainability-orientated competitiveness in controlled environment horticulture”. Project leader Dr. Aušra Brazaitytė. 2020–2023.

Development of scientific competence of scientists, other researchers, and students through practical scientific activities funded by the European Union funds

Sub-activity “Development of students’ abilities in scientific research during semesters” 

  1. “Isolation of microplastics from sewage sludge and their qualitative analysis”. Project leader Dr. Karolina Barčauskaitė, student Dovilė Motiejauskaitė. 2023–2024.
  2. “Quantitative and qualitative analysis of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes in morphological parts of fibrous hemp”. Project leader Dr. Romas Mažeika, student Algimanta Kundrotaitė. 2023–2024.
  3. “Isolation of exosomes from some botanical parts of medicinal and vegetable plants and evaluation of their biochemical activity and chemical composition”. Project leader Dr. Audrius Pukalskas, student Ovidija Šataitė. 2023–2024.
  4. “Evaluation of the effect of zinc nanoparticles produced by different methods on the growth indicators, antioxidant system, and elemental composition of Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris L.)”. Project leader Dr. Rūta Sutulienė, student Kamilė Stašytė. 2023–2024.

Sub-activity “Development of students’ abilities through participation in scientific (art research) summer internships”

  1. Bacillus toyonensis ribosome binding site sequence analysis and application for optimization of reporter protein expression”. Supervisor Dr. Danas Baniulis, student Mykhailo Shtopko. 2023.
  2. “Photo response of poplar hybrids to illumination with different spectral composition at a young age”. Supervisor Dr. Valda Gudynaitė-Franckevičienė, student Mantas Mikalkevičius. 2023.
  3. “Green synthesis of chitosan-silver nanoparticles and studies of its properties”. Supervisor Dr. Karolina Barčauskaitė, student Algimanta Kundrotaitė. 2023.
  4. “Bioaccumulation of metal oxide nanoparticles and their effect on the growth and antioxidant system of Ice Plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L.) under different lighting conditions”. Supervisor Dr. Rūta Sutulienė, student Eimantas Kielius. 2023.

Projects funded by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania

The agriculture, food and fisheries research and development projects

  1. “Search for apple cultivars suitable for cultivation with lower pesticide inputs”. Project leader Dr. Juozas Lanauskas. 2023–2025.
  2. “Selection of genotypes and technological possibilities of cultivation of non-traditional plants of high nutritional value - lentils (Lens culinaris) and millet (Panicum miliaceum) in Lithuania”. Project leader Dr. Monika Toleikienė. 2023–2025.
  3. “Study on the relationship between crop development stages and agroclimatic indicators”. Project leader Dr. Renaldas Žydelis. 2023–2025.
  4. “Efficacy of plant protection products by reducing their doses”. Project leader Dr. Roma Semaškienė. 2023–2025.
  5. “Application of sustainable farming practices in agricultural crops by using IPM tools”. Project leader Dr. Roma Semaškienė. 2023–2024.
  6. “Development of integrated pest management guidelines for horticultural crops”. Project leader Dr. Neringa Rasiukevičiūtė. 2022–2023.
  7. “Long-term monitoring studies of soil agrochemical properties”. Project leader Prof. Dr. habil. Gediminas Staugaitis. 2022–2023.
  8. “Development of integrated pest management guidelines for harmful organisms control in main greenhouse crops”. Project leader Dr. Neringa Rasiukevičiūtė. 2021–2023.

EIP activity group projects (Programme for the Lithuanian rural development 2014–2020)

  1. “Implementation of a multipurpose strip till drill prototype for increasing soil sustainability and ecological advantage”. Project leader Dr. Vidas Damanauskas. 2023–2025.

  2. “The use of the native plant species diversity to create natural landscape elements”. Project leader Dr. Lina Šarūnaitė. 2023–2025.
  3. “The implementation of innovation for the elimination of soil compaction and the renovation of productivity in tramlines”. Project leader Dr. Vidas Damanauskas. 2022–2024.
  4. “Innovative postharvesting technologies to restore soil sustainability”. Project leader Dr. Lina Šarūnaitė. 2022–2024.

  5. “Independent application of good agricultural practice on the farm – a virtual assistant to farmers”. Project leader Daiva Gurauskienė (LAAS), coordinator Dr. Roma Semaškienė (LAMMC). 2020–2023.

Completed projects

Support for projects of the measure “Knowledge transfer and information activities” (Programme for the Lithuanian rural development 2014–2020)

  1. “Consulting service for forest owners”. Project leader Dr. Benas Šilinskas. 2022–2025 m.

Completed projects

Applied research projects funded by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania and its subordinate state institutions

  1. “Intensive forest monitoring and the establishment a new Intensive monitoring plot for wetlands”. Project leader Dr. Vidas Stakėnas. 2023.
  2. “CO2 emissions from drained and undrained forested peatlands and dead wood left in forests with different degrees of decay”. Project leader Dr. Kęstutis Armolaitis. 2022–2024. 

  3. “Beaver as bioindicator for assessing contamination of riparian forest buffer”. Project leader Dr. Olgirda Belova. 2022–2025.
  4. “Changes in organic carbon stocks in forest floor and mineral topsoil layers in Scots pine stands of different age”. Project leader Dr. Iveta Varnagirytė-Kabašinskienė. 2022–2024.
  5. “Monitoring methods of the socio-economic development of Lithuanian private forest owners”. Project leader Dr. Benas Šilinskas. 2022–2024.
  6. “Voluntary conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in private forests: good practice of the European Union countries, priorities and motivations of Lithuanian private forest owners, possible financial incentive mechanisms”. Project leader Dr. Diana Lukminė. 2022–2024.
  7. “Evaluation of European and Manchurian ash susceptibility to Hymenoscypus fraxineus, fungus that causes ash dieback, in Lithuania”. Project leader Dr. Rita Verbylaitė. 2021–2024.
  8. “Selection of root rot resistant genotypes of Norway spruce”. Project leader Dr. Virgilijus Baliuckas. 2021–2023.
  9. “Increasing the overall resistance of Lithuania main forest tree species to pathogens by the innovative combination of genetic and physical methods”. Project leader Dr. Vaida Sirgedaitė-Šėžienė. 2021–2024.
  10. “Evaluation of the effectiveness of different bacterial preparations in promoting the development of systemic antipathogenic resistance in Lithuanian coniferous tree species”. Project leader Dr. Vaida Sirgedaitė-Šėžienė. 2021–2023.
  11. “Evaluation of soil organic carbon sustainability in forest ecosystems”. Project leader Dr. Vidas Stakėnas. 2020–2023.
  12. “Conservation measures for pedunculate oak, sessile oak and Wych elm gene pool”. Project leader Dr. Virgilijus Baliuckas. 2020–2023.

Completed projects

“RTO Lithuania” projects

  1. “Sensor-based assessment of the effects of different types of zinc nanoparticles on leafy beet”. Project coordinators: Dr. Rūta Sutulienė (LAMMC), Dr. Simona Tučkutė (LEI), dD. Rasa Pauliukaitė (FTMC). 2023–2024.
  2. “Adapting urban green infrastructure to capture traffic-related microplastic particles for a healthier urban environment” (GREENURGI). Project coordinators: Dr. Valda Araminienė (LAMMC), Dr. Steigvilė Byčenkienė (FTMC), Dr. Algis Džiugys (LEI). 2023–2024.
  3. “Application of labelled 13C and 15N isotope methods for research of climate change mitigation potential of recent winter wheat genotypes and common mugwort” (Karboizotopas). Project coordinators: Dr. Monika Toleikienė (LAMMC), Dr. Rūta Barisevičiūtė (FTMC), Dr. Stasė Irena Lukošiūtė (LEI). 2023–2024.

Completed projects

Project under EU Structural Funds

Project funded under the EU Structural Funds Priority 1 “Promotion of Research, Experimental Development and Innovation” Measure 01.2.2-CPVA-K-703 “Promotion of Activities of Centres of Excellence and Centres for Innovation and Technology Transfer”

  1. “Strengthening the commercialisation of knowledge generated by the Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry and technology transfer activities”. Supervisor Dr. Vita Tilvikienė. 2021–2023.

Other completed projects 

Projects funded by the Lithuanian Research Council 

Grant for high-level researchers group project

  1. Insights into future forests: challenges of climate change and diseases, and possible measures for saving biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Project leader Dr. Audrius Menkis. 2017–2022.

Projects of the national research programme “Sustainability of agro-, forest and water ecosystems”

Projects funded by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania

Support for the beekeeping sector in Lithuania

Support for applied research

Project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania and Belarus State Science and Technology Committee on scientific and technological cooperation programme

  1. “Estimation of Scots pine ecological plasticity using molecular-genetic methods aimed to improve reforestation strategy in the context of climate change, to preserve forest biodiversity and genetic resources in Belarus and Lithuania”. Project leader Dr. Virgilijus Baliuckas. 2015–2016.

Technological development project funded by the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA)

  1. “Creation prototypes of technology of birch juice industrial extraction and innovative biologically valuable products”. Project leader Prof. Dr. Pranas Viškelis. 2019–2020.

Support of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania

Support for the project 2014–2020 EU Fund Investment Program Priority 2 “Promotion of Information Society” 02.3.1-CPVA-V-529 Measure “Development of Advanced Electronic Services”

  1. “Modernization and Development of Informational, Advisory and Training Electronic Services for Integrated Plant Protection”. No.02.3.1-CPVA-V-529-01-0003. Leaders Ilma Rimkevičienė (Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service), Dr. Alma Valiuškaitė. 2017–2020.