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Vokė Branch

Head Dr. Almantas Ražukas, almantas.razukas@lammc.lt, +370 5 264 5439; +370 5 264 5430. All staff

Research topics

  • Effects of various cultivated and natural plant communities on fertility processes of light-textured soils     
  • Conservation of unproductive soils; studies on the influence of anthropogenic factors on soil organic matter content and quality     
  • Investigation of mineral and organic fertilisers (manure, green manure, straw, sapropel) on crop yield and its quality and soil fertility, plant nutrition diagnostics    
  • Research on leaching of soil chemical elements under ecologically sustainable crop conditions, effects of organic fertilisers on migration of nutrients in a sandy loam-textured Haplic Luvisol     
  • Cultivation of energy crops for biofuel using sewage sludge compost    
  • Plant phenological observations in different areas of Lithuania. Research into phenological regularities    
  • Potato breeding and propagation of new varieties by biotechnological methods   
  • Breeding of lupine and buckwheat. Propagation of new varieties of these plants    
  • Research on potato diseases, forecasts, recommendations for protective measures    
  • Crop research in various agricultural systems in low productivity soils of South-Eastern Lithuania