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Institute of Agriculture

  • Analyses of soil and peat
  • Analyses of water
  • Analyses of herbaceous forage and vegetative mass of plants (silage and biomass)
  • Analyses of various feeds (cake/pulp, granulated and compound feed)
  • Analyses of grain and flour quality
  • Analyses of industrial crops (oilseed rape, potatoes, sugar beet, Jerusalem artichoke)
  • Analyses of energy crops and various biofuels
  • Analyses of digestate
  • Analyses of manure, slurry and various substrates used as fertilizers

Please contact us: +370 347 37 664; +370 347 37 175

  • Analyses of soil physical parameters
  • Analyses of plant quality indicators

Please contact us +370 347 37 275

  • Seed and grain infection and quality analyses

Please contact us +370 347 37 038; +370 347 37 384

  • Microbiological analyses
  • Microscopic microbial analyses
  • Morphological identification of pathogens

Please contact us +370 615 49 346

  • Testing of plant breeding material under controlled conditions. Please contact us +370 347 37 149
  • Production of rhizogen (nitragine) (Kaunas distr.). Please contact us +370 347 37 384
  • Production of rhizogen (nitragine) and mead yeast (Kėdainiai distr.). Please contact us +370 347 37 384
  • Good experimental practice (GEP) trials.

Please contact us +370 347 37 038, roma.semaskiene@lammc.lt

  • Field experiments on plant protection products, fertilizer efficacy, tillage technologies, suitability of varieties for Lithuania’s conditions and other agronomic research. Please contact us +370 347 37 038, roma.semaskiene@lammc.lt

Institute of Horticulture

  • Marketing of vegetable seeds. Please contact us +370 37 55 54 79
  • Marketing of fruits and vegetables, processed products. Please contact us +370 37 55 55 80. 
  • Development of garden projects. Please contact us +370 37 55 54 32
  • Construction of techniques of vegetable growing and commercial preparation. Please contact us +370 37 55 55 35
  • Marketing of fruit trees and shrubs, strawberry seedlings. Please contact us +370 37 55 54 94.

Agrochemical Research Laboratory

  • Analyses of soil, peat, water and sewage, food, feed, pesticides and fertilizers
  • Development of fertilization plans, liming plans
  • Fundamental and applied research

Please contact us:

Vėžaičiai Branch

  • Organization of conferences, seminars and courses for farmers, agricultural companies, specialists of the advisory services and municipalities as well as lecturers from higher agricultural schools.
  • Production and distribution of nitragin (rhizogen) for legume crops.
  • Provision of advice on liming, fertilizing, biological nitrogen fixation, soil tillage, soil and crop management practices, crop rotation, grassland husbandry, agroecology, weed control, and other questions.

Please contact us +370 46 45 82 33

Vokė Branch

  • Provision of advice on the issues of rational use of soils, conservation and reclamation of low-fertility soils, fertilization and liming.
  • Provision of information on chemical disease and pest control measures.
  • Provision of advice on the use of sewage sludge and sapropel for soil fertilization.
  • Marketing of seeds of potatoes, winter rye, buckwheat, lupine, perennial grasses (sainfoin, red fescue), radish and of other registered plant varieties.
  • Development of farming systems adapted to conventional and sustainable agriculture and non-traditional crop production.
  • Provision of advice on the issues related to the development of organic farming in south-eastern Lithuania and cultivation of intensive varieties of plants in organic farms.

Please contact us +370 5 264 5439

Joniškėlis Experimental Station

  • Growing and marketing of certified seeds of cereals and perennial grasses: spring wheat and barley, peas, winter wheat, red clover, organic peas, oats, spring barley and red clover.

Please contact us +370 451 38 382

Perloja Experimental Station

  • Growing and marketing of seeds of winter and spring cereals, perennial grasses, registered in Lithuania.
  • Organization of seminars and field days.
  • Demonstration trials of potato varieties and collection and production nurseries of medicinal herbs.
  • Provision of advice to farmers on winter and spring cereals, mustard, oilseed rape, potato cultivation on light soils, organic cultivation of medicinal herbs and their drying in natural conditions.

Please contact us +370 310 47 624

Rumokai Experimental Station

  • Contract research work. Please contact us +370 342 49 422