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Completed INTERREG Programme Projects

  1. “Water Management in Baltic Forests Tool Box” (WAMBAF Tool Box). Coordinator in the Institute of  Forestry Dr. Olgirda Belova. 2019–2021.
  2. “Market driven authentic Non-Timber Forest Products from the Baltic region – focus on wild and semi cultivated species with business potential” (NovelBaltic). Coordinator in the Institute of Horticulture Dr. Jonas Viškelis. 2019–2021.
  3. “Revival of old traditional fruit, vegetable and ornament plants and their products: Heritage Gardens Tour”. Coordinator in the Institute of Horticulture Dr. Darius Kviklys. 2017–2019.
  4. R004 “Advancement of nontechnological innovation performance and innovation capacity in fruit growing and processing sector in selected Baltic Sea Region countries” (InnoFruit). Coordinator in the Institute of Horticulture Dr. Darius Kviklys. 2016–2019.
  5. Water management in Baltic forests. Coordinators in the Institute of  Forestry Dr. Marius Aleinikovas, Dr. Olgirda Belova. 2016–2019.