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Vėžaičiai Branch

Head Dr. Danutė Karčauskienė, danute.karcauskiene@lammc.lt, +370 615 37 681. All staff

Research topics

  • Analysis and management of soil acidification process using liming of varying intensity
  • Research on fertilisation and migration of biogenic elements in acid and limed soils
  • Investigations of soil erosion process and complex evaluation of anti-erosive measures
  • Investigation of transformation of carbon compounds using different intensity of tillage, fertilisation and liming
  • Microbiological, chemical and physical evaluation of soil fertility and ecological stability measures
  • Studies on plant productivity and crop weediness
  • Research on productivity and quality of herbaceous ecosystems
  • Improvement and development of technologies for production of agricultural and energy crops
  • Evaluation of energy crops and their utilization for bioenergy purposes