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Laboratory of Plant Protection

Head Dr. Alma Valiuškaitė, alma.valiuskaite@lammc.lt, +370 618 39 270. All staff

Research topics

  • Biology, ecology and diversity of horticultural pathogen and pest species, abundance and distribution of pathogen and pest populations, epidemiology of diseases
  • Biological studies on relatively new pathogen and pest species appearing in relation to changing climate
  • Development of forecasting methods of harmful organisms and integrated plant protection of horticultural crops
  • Efficiency of forecasting models for pests and diseases in horticultural plants under Lithuanian climatic conditions using online forecasting system iMETOS®sm (Pessl Instrumental, Austria)
  • Application of biological and alternative plant protection products in horticulture 
  • Efficacy trials of the new plant protection products according to GEP (Good Experimental Practice) standards
Laboratory of Plant Physiology

Head Dr. Giedrė Samuolienė, giedre.samuoliene@lammc.lt, +370 655 54 905. All staff

Research topics

  • Biology of plant morphogenesis and flowering initiation
  • Plant photophysiology: the manipulation of photosynthesis photomorphogenesis and metabolism, the creation of plant irradiation principles
  • Plant ecophysiology: modulation of differential and complex impact of changing climate and anthropogenic factors
  • Plant productivity physiology. Optimization of crop or plantation physiological parameters by technological means, the formation of biopotential and realization in ontogenesis
Laboratory of Biochemistry and Technology

Head Dr. Jonas Viškelis, jonas.viskelis@lammc.lt, +370 619 22 373. All staff

Research topics

  • Fruit, berry and vegetable quality, modelling and optimization of storage and processing methods
  • Chemical composition of fruits, berries and vegetables, biologically active compounds and technological properties
  • Investigation, modelling and optimisation of storage and processing processes for fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs, allowing maximum preservation of the natural biochemical composition of the raw material
  • Development of recipes, testing of developed technologies and production of experimental batches at the open access Fruit and Vegetable Processing Technologies Simulation Centre
Department of Vegetable Breeding and Technology

Head Dr. Rasa Karklelienė, rasa.karkleliene@lammc.lt,  +370 652 05 749. All staff

Research topics

  • Development of breeding and biotechnology basis for garden plants, creation of varieties, investigation, preservation and collection of their genetic resources
  • Breeding of competitive vegetable varieties and hybrids by utilizing local genetic resources. Breeding of tomatoes, carrots, red beet, onions, garlic and other vegetables
  • Vegetable and spice plants’ cultivation and propagation technologies, adaptation and selection of plants suitable for cultivation in Lithuania, seed production
  • Development of horticultural science, elaboration and improvement of different vegetable growing technologies
  • Investigation of the effects of technological, agrobiological and environmental factors on various vegetable plants, their productivity and quality; development and improvement of various mechanized vegetable growing technologies, investigation of medicinal and rare plants’ growing technologies. Cooperation with pesticide, fertilizer marketing and machinery manufacturing companies and testing of their products
  • Agrobiological research on vegetable-growing technological elements in greenhouses covered with double and single stabilized polymeric film
  • Impact of organic vegetable production and various organic substances on yield and quality
  • Basic soil fertilization with organic granulated fertilizers for vegetable production and fertilization of the potato crop with granulated organic fertilizers
Department of Horticulture Technologies

Head Dr. Juozas Lanauskas, juozas.lanauskas@lammc.lt, +370 674 37 179. All staff

Research topics

  • Optimization of orchard plant vegetative and generative development
  • Investigation of biological and economic features of rootstock-cultivar combinations for the modern commercial orchards under Lithuanian agro climatic conditions
  • Basic soil fertilization with organic granulated fertilizers for vegetable production and fertilization of the potato crop with granulated organic fertilizers
  • Development of berry plant growing technologies for fresh market and processing
  • Investigation of biological and technological properties of fruit and berry plants
  • Development of orchard plant propagation technologies
  • Investigation of fruit load and fruit quality
  • Creation of ecological fruit and berry growing technologies under Lithuanian agro climatic conditions
  • Economic analysis of horticultural business
Department of Orchard Plant Genetics and Biotechnology

Head Dr. Birutė Frercks, birute.frercks@lammc.lt, +370 37 55 52 53. All staff

Research topics

  • Genetic control of orchard plant traits and development of new breeding methods
  • Modification of plant genetic structure using biotechnological methods
  • Breeding of fruit and ornamental plants
  • Database of apple (Malus sp.) genetic resources
  • Database of Monilinia spp. genetic markers