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Sustainability of agro-, forest and water ecosystems

  1. “Management of greenhouse gas emissions by changing nitrogen flows in the agro-system”. Project leader Dr. Vita Tilvikienė. 2020–2021.
  2. “Sustainable forage crops productivity under climate extremes: resilience, nutritional quality and implications for future management”. Project leaders Prof. Dr. habil. Romualdas Juknys (VDU), Dr. Vaclovas Stukonis (LAMMC ŽI). 2020–2021.
  3. “The influence of long-term contrasting intensity resources management on genesis of different soils and on other agro-ecosystems components” (AGROTVARA). Partners: LAMMC, ASU, VU. Project leader Dr. Virginijus Feiza. 2015–2018.
  4. “Establishment and diversity of a newly emerging cereal pathogen in the agroecosystem due to changing climate and farming practices”. Partners: LAMMC, GTC. Project leader Dr. Gražina Kadžienė. 2015–2018.
  5. “Response and plasticity of different tree species & juvenile-stage forest communities under impact of climate change and other environmental stressors” (MIŠKOEKOKAITA). Partners: LAMMC, GTC. Project leader Prof. Dr. Alfas Pliūra. 2015–2018.
  6. “Study of impact of clear cuttings on biodiversity dynamics in forest ecosystems”. Partners: LAMMC, VDU. Project leaders Dr. Remigijus Daubaras (VDU), Dr. Vidas Stakėnas. 2015–2018.
  7. “Integrated impact of climate and environmental changes on the productivity, biodiversity and sustainability of agro-ecosystems” (KLIMAGRO). Partners: LAMMC (Dr. Sandra Sakalauskienė, Dr. Jurga Miliauskienė), VDU. Project leader Prof. Dr. habil. Romualdas Juknys (VDU). 2015–2018.
  8. “Anthropogenic influence on vegetation as component of Lithuania river ecosystem stability”. Partners: LAMMC (Dr. Laisvūnė Duchovskienė), VU, VDU. Project leader Prof. Dr. habil. Donatas Žvingila (VU). 2015–2017.