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  1. “The nurture facilities of Stelmuze’s progeny clones in vitro culture”. Project leader Dr. Sigutė Kuusienė. 2017–2018.
  2. “The dynamics of grain contamination with mould fungi as influenced by climate, grain storage facilities and conditions” Leader dr. Audronė Mankevičienė. 2017–2018.
  3. “Optimization of horticultural plants’ mineral nutrition using of biostimulants of natural origin”. Project leader Dr. Ona Bundinienė. 2017–2018.
  4. “Scientific research of risk factors of plant origin products produced in Lithuania and preparation of methodological recommendations”. Supervisor Dr. Pranas Viškelis. 2017–2018.
  5. “Long-term monitoring of soil agrochemical properties”. Project leader Prof. Dr. habil. Gediminas Staugaitis. 2016–2020.
  6. “Pest risk analysis for Xylella fastidiosa (Wwlls et al.)”. Project leader Dr. Artūras Gedminas. 2016–2018.
  7. “The state of agricultural crops and productivity predictions in Lithuania”. Project leader Dr. Virginijus Feiza. 2016–2018.
  8. “Determination of pollen species composition and its content in honey in relation to bee foraging distance”. Project leader Dr. Kristina Jonavičienė. 2016–2018.
  9. “Health evaluation of new varieties of orchard plants and development of the highest category of planting material”. Project leader Ingrida Mažeikienė. 2016–2018.
  10. “Selection of lupine cultivars suitable for cultivation under Lithuania’s climate conditions”. Project leader Dr. Zita Maknickienė. 2015–2017.
  11. “Cultivation technologies of soy”. Project leader Dr. Žydrė Kadžiulienė. 2015–2017.
  12. “Winter wheat crop stand formation for good overwinter survival and yield”. Project leader Dr. Sigitas Lazauskas. 2015–2017.