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Dr. Žydrė Kadžiulienė

ORCiD iD: 0000-0001-6181-5885
Mob. +370 615 40 757
E-mail: zydre.kadziuliene@lammc.lt
Instituto al. 1, Akademija, LT-58344 Kėdainiai dist., Lithuania



1992–1995 PhD studies in Agronomy, Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture.

1980–1985  Economist (comparable to M.Sc.), Lithuanian University of Agriculture.


Academic degrees and pedagogical titles

Since 2019 Full member (academician) of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.

1995 Doctor (Agricultural sciences, Agronomy 01A), dissertation “Investigations of white clover seed rate and ration with grasses for pasture swards”. 

Research fields

  • Agronomy (grasslands, agroecology and crop management)
  • Ecology and environment 


Since 2010 Chief Researcher, Department of Plant Nutrition and Agroecology, Institute of Agriculture, LAMMC.

Memberships and affiliations with professional organisations

  • Member of the Nordic Association of Agricultural Science (NJF), Lithuanian Grassland Society, Legume Society, European Agronomy Society, Lithuanian Agronomy Society.
  • Memebr of the Editorial Boards of the scientific journals “Zemdirbyste-Agriculture” (indexed in Web of Science), “Agricultural Sciences” (indexed in CAB Abstracts), “Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica”, “Section B – Soil and Plant Science”.
  • Member of the Ecological Agriculture Council under the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Member of the Appellate Commission of VšĮ “Ekoagros”.
  • 2021–2023 Chair of the Scientific Committee of the EGF 2023 Conference, member of the Organising Committee.
  • 2018 Member of the scientific committee of the 26th NJF (Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists) congress “Agriculture for the next 100 years”.
  • 2017 Member of the scientific committee of the EUCARPIA (European Breeding Research Association) international conference “Breeding of herbaceous and protein plants in the era of genomics”.
  • 2013 One of the organisers of the conference “19th Baltic Agronomy Forum”.

Involvement in programmes and projects

International projects

  • 2020–2024 Horizon2020 “EJP SOIL”, coordinator of LAMMC part.
  • 2016–2017 Horizon2020 “Fostering sustainable legume-based farming systems and agri-feed and food chains in the EU” (LEGVALUE, 727672 – LEGVALUE – H2020-SFS-2016-2017/H2020-SFS-2016-2), participant and coordinator of LAMMC part. 
  • 2015–2017 “CORE Organic Plus FertilCrop – Managing fertility building in organic cropping systems”, coordinator of LAMMC part. 
  • 2012–2016 Long-term institutional programme “Biopotential and Quality of Plants for Multifunctional Use”, coordinator.
  • Project “Optimizing Pathways and Market Systems for Enhanced Competitiveness of Sustainable Bioenergy and Technologies in Europe” of EU Program Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE), coordinator of LAMMC part.

National projects

  • 2017–2022 Lithuanian Research Council High level R&D (SMART) project “Enhancement of the multifunctional properties of legumes in feed and food value chains” (SmartLegume), leader. 

  • 2015–2017 Ministry of Agriculture national programme “Soyabean Management Technology”, leader and participant.
  • 2012–2014 Ministry of Agriculture national programme “Assessment of agricultural load on agrocenoses and their sustainability under organic production system”.
  • 2012–2014 Ministry of Agriculture national programme “Innovative legumes growing technologies enriching feed by local protein and soil by biological nitrogen”.

Supervision of PhD studies

  • Since 2019 Supervisor of Mindaugas Budvytis doctoral dissertation “Bioactive compounds in multispiecies swards and implication on  dairy cow health and productivity”.
  • 2018–2022 Supervisor of Gintarė Šidlauskaitė doctoral dissertation “Legumes and grasses interspecific compatibility for perennial swards productivity and for ssutainability of the agroecosystems functions”.
  • 2017–2021 Scientific advisor of Viktorija Gecaitė research work “Study on increase of spatial crop diversity in organic agrosystem”.
  • 2015–2019 Supervisor of Monika Toleikienė doctoral dissertation “Biological and organic nitrogen for plant productivity, soil life and improvement of environment in organic farming systems”.
  • 2012–2016 Supervisor of Lina Pocienė doctoral dissertation “The investigation of perennial grasses (Poaceae) cultivation methods and suitability for conversion for solid biofuel”.
  • 2007–2011 Supervisor of Vita Tilvikienė doctoral dissertation “Management of tall fescue, cocksfoot and red canary grass swards for biogas, biomass quality and energy value”.
  • 2002–2006 Supervisor of Lina Šarūnaitė doctoral dissertation “Investigation of ecologicaly sustainable multifunctional legume/grass swards”.

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