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Prof. Dr. habil. Zenonas Dabkevičius

ORCiD iD: 0000-0002-6012-7076
Mob. +370 686 37 631
Instituto al. 1, Akademija, 58344 Kėdainiai dist., Lithuania


1971–1976 Studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Agriculture (since 2019 Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy), graduated with a diploma of scientific agronomist.

Degree and pedagogic names

Prof. Dr. habil. Zenonas Dabkevičius defended a doctoral thesis in 1985, was conferred a dr. habil. degree in 1995, became a professor of agronomy in 2001.

Research fields

  • Plant pathology and plant protection
  • Microbiology
  • Plant genetic resources
  • Renewable energy sources

Professional experience

Since 2018 Chief Researcher, Advisor to the Director of Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry.

Since 2018 Vice-President, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.

Since 2016 Foreign member, Latvian Academy of Sciences.

Since 2013 Professor, foreign member, Latvian Academy of Sciences.

Since 2012 Foreign Member, Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry.

Since 2011 A full member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of  the Division of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, a member of the Board of Agricultural Science.

2010–2017 Director, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry.

1997–2009 Director, Chief Researcher, Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture.

1992–1997 Deputy Director for Science, Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture.

1984–1992 Head of Department of Phytopathology of the Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture.

1976–1984 Junior Research Worker, Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture.

Other activity

  • He delivers a course of lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate students, supervises PhD studies.
  • Chairman of the editorial board of journal “Zemdirbyste-Agriculture”, a member of the editorial boards of journals “Žemės ūkio mokslai” (Agricultural sciences), “Research on Crops” (India), “Progress in Plant Protection” (Poland) etc.


Articles in journals indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science database

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  9. Janusauskaite D., Baliuckas V., Dabkevicius Z. 2013. Needle litter decomposition and enzyme activities on dune sands and soil properties as affected by native Pinus sylvestris L. and alien Pinus mugo of different ages. Baltic Forestry, 19 (1): 50–60. IF – 0,304
  10. Baltaduonytė M., Dabkevičius Z., Brazienė Z., Survilienė E. 2013. Dynamics of spread and control of Cercospora (Cercospora beticola Sacc.) and Ramularia (Ramularia beticola Fautrey & F.Lamb.) leaf spot in sugar beet crops. Zemdirbyste-Agriculture, 100 (4): 401–408. DOI: 10.13080/z-a.2013.100.051  IF – 0,523
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Other peer-reviewed publications

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  2. Marčiulynienė D., Lygis V., Pliūra A., Krivickaitė R., Dabkevičius Z. 2015. Paprastojo uosio šeimų jautrumas džiūvimui panaudojant dirbtinį sodinukų apkrėtimą Hymenoscyphus fraxineus. Miškininkystė, 1 (77): 7–19
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Other publications

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Monographs, books, textbooks and their sections published by national publishers

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