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Dr. Renaldas Žydelis

ORCiD iD: 0000-0002-2746-3713
Tel. +370 698 84 417
Instituto al. 1, Akademija, LT-58344 Kėdainiai distr., Lithuania


2014– 2018 PhD student, Department of Plant Nutrition and Agroecology, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry.

2011−2013 Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Aleksandras Stulginskis University (since 2019 Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy).

2007–2011 Bachelor of Science in Environmental, Water Conservation Engineering and Management, Aleksandras Stulginskis University.

Academic degrees and pedagogical titles

2018 Doctoral degree in the field of Agronomy, dissertation topic “The effects of organic and mineral fertilisers on maize N status under water and cold stress conditions in a nemoral climate”.

 Research fields

  • The influence of organic fertilizers on the productivity of agricultural crops
  • Modeling of agricultural crops
  • The effect of abiotic and biotic stresses on agricultural crops and their management

Professional experience

Since October 2022 Senior Researcher, Department of Plant Nutrition and Agroecolgy, Institute of Agriculture, LAMMC.

April 15, 2019 – September, 2022 Researcher, Department of Plant Nutrition and Agroecolgy, Institute of Agriculture, LAMMC.

March 9, 2018 – April 14, 2019 Junior Researcher, Department of Plant Nutrition and Agroecolgy, Institute of Agriculture, LAMMC.

May 2 − October 31, 2014 Senior Technician, Department of Soil and Crop Management, Institute of Agriculture, LAMMC.

November 4, 2013 – December 31, 2020 Occupational Safety Engineer, Institute of Agriculture, LAMMC.

Semptember 23 – October 25, 2013 Senior Technician, Department of Plant Pathology and Protection, Institute of Agriculture, LAMMC.

Memberships and affiliations with professional organizations

In-service training

Involvement in programmes and projects

International projects

National projects

  • November 3, 2020 – April 30, 2021 Project of the Research Council of Lithuania. Sub-activity “Developing students’ skills in conducting research during the semester” “In-season prediction of cereals nitrogen status and yield with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)”. Student Ardas Kavaliauskas, leader dr. Renaldas Žydelis. 


  • 2021 the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences – Young scientists’ and doctoral students’prize.


Articles in journals indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science database

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Other peer-reviewed publications

  1. Kavaliauskas A., Žydelis R., Zvicevičius E. 2022. Kukurūzų biomasės energetinio potencialo nuotoliniai prognozavimo tyrimai. Biosistemų inžinerija, 1 (27).

Other publications

  1. Szulc, W., Loit, E., Rutkowska, B., Mench, M., Povilaitis, V., Rineau, F., Schröder, P., Szyszkowska, K., Žydelis, R. 2022. Biofortified and climate-resilient food and fodder production on marginal soils. Frontiers in Experimental Research on Changing Environments, p. 77.
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  3. Žydelis R., Lazauskas S. 2019. Augalų augimo modelių naudojimas derliaus potencialo ir nuostolių vertinimui. Darnus vystymasis: teorija ir praktika, 78−79 psl. Lietuvos agrarinės ekonomikos institutas.
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  1. Žydelis R., Lazauskas S., Povilaitis V., Supronienė S., Žvirdauskienė R., Tilvikienė V. 2019. Organinėmis ir mineralinėmis trąšomis tręštų kukurūzų mityba, ligotumas, grūdų derliaus formavimasis ir šio proceso modeliavimas ir diagnostika. Naujausios rekomendacijos žemės ir miškų ūkiui. 12−13 p.

Popular press articles

  1. Žydelis R., Volungevičius J., Povilaitis V., Amalevičiūtė-volungė,, K, Kavaliauskas, A., Pranaitienė, S. 2022. Dirvožemio organinės anglies tyrimai nuotoliniais metodais. Mano ūkis.